About Us

Gail L. Jackson-McCray is a native San Franciscan who completed all of her education here as well. She attended and graduated from the San Francisco Public School system, and holds an Associate of Arts Degree from City College of San Francisco; a Bachelor of Arts Degree from San Francisco State University and received her Juris Doctorate Degree from New College of California School of Law.

Gail is the daughter of two Texans who got married and started their new life together in 1942 in San Francisco’s Bayview Hunters Point District. Her dad started off in the shipyard and later went on to operate many small businesses in the City. He eventually earned his Real Estate Broker’s license and successfully bought and sold real estate in San Francisco until his untimely death from cancer in 1965. Gail was just three years old at the time. Her mom, who had owned her own record store, coffee shop and other small businesses, went to work as a piece rate worker in the garment industry. She quickly took on the leadership role of shop steward, a union organizer, a business agent and was appointed by her then employer as the manager of the Pacific Northwest District of the International Ladies Garment Workers Union. She went on to become the first African-American female to become an Executive Vice President of the Union. Since her mother was a single mom, Gail spent quite a few days, nights, weeks, months and years in Union Halls and meetings and on many picket lines. She can clearly remember standing (as a small child) in solidarity with Cesar Chavez and the farmworkers union during the grape boycotts of the Seventies.

When she decided to go to law school, the choice to attend New College— a public interest-focused law school— was a no-brainier. She went to the orientation and knew right away that her call in life was to help the under served and underrepresented achieve the justice that is promised, but so often denied to them. And when she was deciding what to do with her law degree, Gail knew that she had to be the kind of lawyer that works for the good of the community, thus pursuing equal justice for all.

Gail gained legal experience working on the landmark Wonderbread case in Angela Alioto’s law office, in which her work on a summary judgment opposition motion not only got her the job but helped to win a multi-million dollar settlement for workers who were being discriminated against and passed over for promotions and other such injustices. She also worked on capital cases at the State Public Defender’s Office, and as a legal assistant for several years at the Marin County Public Defender’s Office. During her time there, she worked on some very complicated and precedent setting Sexually Violent Predator cases; a homicide case involving a mentally ill mother who took the life of her child at the Aqua Hotel, and another case that was referred to as the “Family” where there were difficult issues involving alternative lifestyles also resulting in the death from malnutrition of one of the children of the “Family.” Gail also worked for several years as a Church Administrator and proudly as a Faith-Based Community Organizer, before finally passing the California State Bar and becoming a licensed attorney.

At the Jackson-McCray Law Offices, we work to advocate for those in need of obtaining their equal rights to happiness and the pursuit of justice; and to help to alleviate some of the systematic disenfranchisement of the poor and working class people. Gail Jackson-McCray is a community lawyer who is compassionate, committed and competent.